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The Beautiful E Sansula Music Book

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Nicht geeignet für die Sansula Basic Melody (11 Töne).

The Beautiful E Sansula Music Book

The Sansula in Beautiful E Tuning can be utterly magical. This book has exercises, original compositions, chords, and many well known songs. 48 pages, with 33 free MP3 downloads$14


While the Sansula in standard tuning plays enchanting and mystical music, there are very few songs you can actually play on it. Also, its mood tends to be dour, even though it is enchanting and mystical. The Beautiful E Tuning was my first attempt to break out of the Sansula mind set, and it did set the Sansula free!


Listen to the Sansula in Beautiful E tuning playing one of the pieces from this book.




Old Songs You Probably Do Know

Amazing Grace 

Will the Circle Be Unbroken 

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen 

This Little Light of Mine

Old McDonald Had a Farm

There’s a Hole in My Bucket 

All Gods Critters

As I Went Down to the River to Pray 

Standin in the Need of Prayer 

She’ll be Comin ‘Round the Mountain 

Exercises and Things You Don’t Know (Yet!)


Some Chords

Bow Tie 



Mergng Patterns

E and C#m Are Almost the Same Chord

C# minor and G# minor

B and C# minor Riff

I Got You Babe 

Easy Flying 

Easy Flying II 


Land Of Make Believe


Four Note Motifs in 12/8 Time

Complex Chord Progression in 6/8

Alternating Bass Line

Great Song

Playing in C# minor

Systematic Sliding

Classic Kalimba Synchopation


Beautiful E Chord Dictionary

Transposing Matrix