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HOKEMA Kalimbas - handcrafted Kalimbas since 1985

HOKEMA has stood for high-quality musical instruments since 1985. In the small town of Walsrode in Lower Saxony, the company develops and produces unique sound wonders: Kalimba and Sansula

Warm, soft and gently relaxing, their tones appear just as harmonious on their own as in combination with other instruments. Anyone can make music straight away with the handy Kalimbas. The tuned scales create particularly beautiful melodies that are simply enchanting.

This is what happened to founder Peter Hokema, who was passionate about trying out various instruments while studying music. He discovered traditional African plucked instruments. The breakthrough came in 2001 when Peter Hokema invented the Sansula. An oval wooden frame covered with a drumhead, in the middle of which a small kalimba is suspended, swinging freely. The sounds impressed right away and the instrument was registered for a patent.

Today, the second-generation family business with 13 employees is one of the world's leading manufacturers of beautiful, easy-to-play Kalimbas in various model variants. They are meticulously handcrafted from high-quality materials such as cherry wood exclusively in Germany and with German suppliers. The energy for this is generated in a resource-saving manner from our own photovoltaic system on the roof of the production facility in Walsrode.

Kalimba or Sansula? - Play intuitively or melody?

Would you like to know which instrument is right for you? First of all, there are two fundamental differences: you can either play a familiar melody or you can play intuitively. The kalimbas and sansulas with 11 notes or more are the melodic instruments. With a little practice you can play well-known songs and melodies on it. All instruments with 9 reeds in the A minor factory tuning are our intuitive instruments. Here you can start playing straight away and let your fingers run wild. You don't have to worry about which tone harmonizes with which, because all tones are harmoniously tuned to one another. This means you can create enchanting sounds very quickly and just let yourself drift along.

Intuitively playable Kalimba and Sansula

Here you will find instruments that you can start playing straight away. These instruments are tuned so that every note harmonizes with each other.

HOKEMA Kalimba B5 – Tragbar & gut geeignet für Einsteiger


HOKEMA - Kalimba B7


HOKEMA - Kalimba B9


HOKEMA - Twin Kalimba


HOKEMA - Sansula Basic


HOKEMA - Sansula Renaissance


HOKEMA - Sansula Deluxe


Kalimba and Sansula to play melodies

These are Kalimba and Sansula, on which you can play well-known melodies. Depending on the model, the instruments range from one to just over 2 octaves.

HOKEMA Kalimba B11 G-Dur


HOKEMA Kalimba B15 G-Dur


HOKEMA - Kalimba B17 Mini C-Dur


HOKEMA - Kalimba B17 C-Dur


HOKEMA - Sansula Basic Melody G-Dur


HOKEMA - Sansula Renaissance Melody G-Dur


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